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Currency Exchange Rate For New York Branch and San Francisco Agency
Updated on 2018-11-16 at 09:00 
CurrencyValue (INR)
Upto $ 5,00071.40
Over $ 5,000 and upto $ 25,00071.45
Over $ 25,000 and Upto $ 100,00071.50
Above $ 100,000Pls Call 212 223 1160 (Dealing Room)
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NRI Services

As per US Banking Regulation, Bank of India, US Centre, cannot open, close or operate Non Resident Indian (NRI) accounts which are offered by our domestic branches in India. These accounts are not covered by FDIC Insurance and are also not supervised by US Banking Regulations as these accounts are domiciled in India. However, as a service to our parent company, we provide desired information as a general guidance, not as solicitation for business, investment advice or non-tax related advice. It is advised that customers / prospective customers of our parent company, who are permanent residents of USA, should consider seeking professional advice, including advice on US Tax Laws, before opening or operating NRI accounts.


TYPE OF NRI ACCOUNTS (for branches in India)

Accounts may be maintained in India Rupees as well as in designated foreign currency. The accounts may be Savings Deposit type or Term Deposit type. For details on different types of NRI accounts please visit our website – NRI Services.



Please feel free to call us at the following numbers, in case you need more information 

212-753-6100  /   646-720-0407


Asst. Vice President (Operations): 646-720-0398
Toll Free No: 1-800-232-2828
Bank of India - USA
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