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Currency Exchange Rate For New York Branch and San Francisco Agency
Updated on 2018-11-16 at 09:00 
CurrencyValue (INR)
Upto $ 5,00071.40
Over $ 5,000 and upto $ 25,00071.45
Over $ 25,000 and Upto $ 100,00071.50
Above $ 100,000Pls Call 212 223 1160 (Dealing Room)
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Loans and Advances
Bank of India is an undertaking by the Government of India and has been there since 1906. We operate in a wide market in terms of geography, economy, industry, business segments and clientele; catering to various kinds of credit requirements.

Sectors Covered

Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Gems & Jewelry, Hotel / Motels, Oil & Gas, Software, Automobile and others.

Credit Products

We extend the following facilities to India / USA based corporate customers 

           Revolving Line of Credit


           Working Capital Loan


           Term Loan for equipment / plant and machinery


           Project Financing


           Syndicated Loans / External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs)


           Loan against Certificate of Deposits (CDs)


           Standby Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee


           Short Term self-liquidating facilities like LCs, Acceptances, Bills Purchased / Discounted under or outside LC


           Tailored products as per industry / business requirements



The above list is illustrative and not exhaustive. For any other kind of credit requirement, you are welcome to call us and inquire.

Contact Details

If you need more information, please call us on our toll free number 1-800-232-2828 or speak to our Assistant Vice President at 646-720-0396 or Vice President (Credit) at 646-720-0390.

Bank of India - USA
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