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Currency Exchange Rate For New York Branch and San Francisco Agency
Updated on 2018-11-16 at 09:00 
CurrencyValue (INR)
Upto $ 5,00071.40
Over $ 5,000 and upto $ 25,00071.45
Over $ 25,000 and Upto $ 100,00071.50
Above $ 100,000Pls Call 212 223 1160 (Dealing Room)
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Customer Information
Important Notice for Customers
Bank of India - New York Branch will accept remittance requests for money transfer only for its own customers; in the revised remittance application form (refer to the section on remittances). Such request forms, duly filled in and signed by authorized persons of the account concerned, may be submitted in person at the branch or faxed from the fax number notified to the Branch or sent through digitally signed email, from the same id as notified to the Branch. Corporate customers have to send the revised application form along with an official forwarding letter.  
Customers are advised to check the section on 'Remittance' for revised application forms.
Bank of India - USA
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