Bank of India, a public sector bank, fully owned by the Government of India, is one of the largest and oldest Commercial Banks in India. We have network of over 3101 branches in India and 24 branches and 5 representative office at major financial centers of the world like New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Hongkong, Paris, Antwerp, ShenZen (China) etc. spanning all the time zones. For a profile of the Bank, click here.

Since1991, India has embarked upon a course of economic liberalization and structural adjustment which has resulted in highly improved economic performance in general and a spurt in foreign trade and investment in particular.

On account of this successful economic liberalization. there has been an active market in Indian Rupees lately and we have been receiving increased number of inquiries from other banks and corporates. We are a full-fledged branch of Bank of India, New York, opened in 1978 and have, amongst others, a foreign exchange dealing room fully equipped to quote you prices in spot Indian Rupees.

In case you are dealing in or need Indian Rupees for trade or remittance, we would be happy to quote you competitive prices.

Please feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-232-2828 or at 212-753-6100 and speak to Mr. Rajnish Bhardwaj(Ext 407)

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Bank of India, New York Branch is a member of FDIC
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