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Checking Account

What is a Checking Account

A Checking Account is a deposit account where it is possible to have deposits and withdrawals. The balance in this account does not earn interest. 

Types of Accounts

Individual Checking Account - Single Account or Joint Account

An Individual Checking Account can be opened either individually or jointly with other individual(s).  

Business Checking Account - Corporate Account


A Business Checking Account can be opened by any business entity subject to the applicable rules and regulations of the country of domicile of the business entity and of the United States of America. The business entity may be a Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporate/Company.

Minimum Balance to be maintained on a daily basis

Individual : Minimum balance of USD 500.00 to be maintained by individuals

Corporates : Minimum balance of USD 2500.00 to be maintained by corporates


FDIC Insurance Up to USD 250,000.00


Please refer to our schedule for Service Charges.

Important Links       

Individual Checking Account

Corporate Checking Account

Nomination Form

Form W9 (applicable for US applicants)

Form W8(applicable for Non-US applicants)

Contact Details

If you need more information, please call us on our toll free number 1-800-232-2828 or speak to our Assistant Vice President (Operations) at 646-720-0398 or Vice President (Operations) at 646-720-0392.